Cloud Computing Project Ideas for Beginners

1. Personal Expense Tracker App - Develop an app to track expenses using cloud storage.

2. Online Shopping Website - Create an e-commerce site hosted on cloud servers.

3. File Sharing Platform - Build a platform to share files securely via the cloud.

4. Weather Forecasting Application - Develop an app that fetches and analyzes weather data from cloud sources.

5. Healthcare Management System - Design a system to store and manage patient records securely on the cloud.

6. Remote Desktop Access Tool - Create a tool to access desktops remotely via the cloud.

7. Collaborative Document Editing Platform - Build a platform for multiple users to edit documents simultaneously in the cloud.

8. Virtual Classroom System - Develop a platform for online learning with cloud-hosted resources.

9. Social Media Analytics Tool - Create a tool to analyze social media data stored in the cloud.

10. Online Survey Application - Develop an app to conduct surveys and store responses on the cloud.

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