Burger Chains That Serve High-Quality Angus Beef

1. Mooyah

Mooyah first opened its doors for business in Plano, Texas, in 2007, making it a relative newbie to the world of fast food.

2. Hardee's

Just so there is no confusion, not all of Hardee's more than 1,800 burgers that are sold in their restaurants are made using Angus meat.

3. Smashburger

The company Smashburger takes its commitment to using high-quality ingredients very seriously.

4. Shake Shack

The prices of Shake Shack's burgers are typically one to two dollars higher than the prices of identical burgers offered by other fast food chains.

5. BurgerFi

Also, on the homepage of the BurgerFi website, it is stated that the company's burgers are created with "all-natural Angus Beef free of steroids, chemicals, and hormones."

6. P. Terry’s

If you're in Texas, which is a rather huge state, you should go to one of the P sites, which number in the low hundreds.

7. M-Burger

M-Burger only has a few locations, and they are all situated inside the greater Chicago metropolitan region.

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