What is Big Data Analytics?

Big data analytics is a method of reviewing data that is too large to be analysed with tools like Microsoft Excel.

It requires software that can analyze and manipulate large amounts of data. By making sense of all of this data, businesses can glean useful insights that can give them a competitive advantage.

Why Is Big Data Analytics Important?

The methods and systems used will be growing and expanding, as well as transforming to better fit the needs of the modern world.

This field of study is growing as well, with companies hiring data analysts for the first time to handle the massive data pools of information.

How Does Big Data Analytics Help You?

Big data analytics gives many people the ability to easily understand the data they collect and make huge leaps in performance

As opposed to data analytics, big data analytics is more concentrated on finding patterns and correlations in the data.

Big data is being used in all kinds of industries today! Some places you might have seen big data in action are in marketing, healthcare, retail, and even education

Who is using big data today?

Big Data can be a lot of fun to analyze and it is helping us understand the world more than we could have imagined.

The downside of big data analytics is that there are not enough people with the right skills needed to make sense of all of this data.