Signs You Are An Intermediate Software Developer

You Can Work on Your Own

Without any assistance, an intermediate can handle a moderately difficult task.

You Know the Fundamentals and Concepts

Beginners are not likely to have created systems that are as extensive and intricate as those they would work with.

You Know About Cross-Cutting Concerns

The six cross-cutting concerns, their locations, and the necessary changes to the code will then be on your mind.

You Don’t Ask Trivial Questions 

Questions like "Where can I find the repo XYZ?" won't arise. Or, "How do I do the tests?"

You Know How to Google

Senior programmers do a lot of google searches, but they’re better at asking the right questions.

You Know When to Ask for Help

Knowing when to seek assistance from others can help you progress to the intermediate developer level.

You Know Where to Look

The average intermediate programmer can build an idea without asking too many “how do I do this?” questions.

A Mnemonic

With a little assistance from others and no tutorial. I had to follow someone else's instructions rather than doing things my way.

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