Best Data Engineering Projects for Beginners in 2024

1. ETL Pipeline for Social Media Data: Extract, transform, load pipeline for Twitter/Facebook data.

2. Data Warehouse Setup: Build a basic data warehouse using SQL/NoSQL databases.

3. Web Scraping & Data Aggregation: Collect data from websites using Python libraries.

4. Data Cleaning & Preprocessing: Develop scripts to clean and preprocess messy datasets.

5. Real-time Data Streaming: Create a pipeline to process streaming data from IoT devices.

6. Data Visualization Dashboard: Design interactive dashboards using tools like Tableau or Power BI.

7. Natural Language Processing: Analyze text data using NLP techniques for sentiment analysis.

8. Recommendation System: Build a basic recommendation engine using collaborative filtering.

9. Time Series Analysis: Analyze and forecast time-series data using statistical models.

10. Data Pipeline Monitoring: Implement tools to monitor and manage data pipelines efficiently.

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