Dollar Tree Items To Buy Now To Prepare for Winter

Kids Mittens

Don't worry; these adorable, patterned winter mittens are only $1.25 per pair from Dollar Tree.

Storage Bins

They can be used to store children's toys that aren't going to be used for the season as well as gardening tools for the summer.

Oven Mitts

As it's the ideal moment to crank up the oven without worrying about overheating, cooler weather frequently translates into a warmer kitchen.

Christmas Village Set

But for just $32.50 at Dollar Tree, you can get the entire 62-piece Cobblestone Corners Christmas Village set.

Christmas Stockings

For $1.25 each, pick from a variety of festive options, including conventional red ones, bearded gnomes, colourful animal pals, and even packs of mini-stockings.

Soup Mugs

Big soup cups from Dollar Tree come in three straightforward colours and feature an easy-to-hold handle, so they will match whatever dishware you already own.

Loaf Pans

Get as many pans as you need for just $1.25 apiece because it's the season for breads like pumpkin, gingerbread, zucchini, and more.

Battery Operated Candles

Winter storms are a common result of winter weather, and they may cause power outages.

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