9 Walmart Brand Products To Avoid Buying

1. Great Value Toilet Paper: Often less durable and soft compared to other brands.

2. Equate Pregnancy Tests: Prone to inaccurate results, better to invest in reliable options.

3. Mainstays Cookware: Known for a shorter lifespan due to lower-quality materials.

4. Sam's Choice Soda: Less carbonation and flavor compared to popular soda brands.

5. Parent's Choice Formula: Some parents prefer trusted formula brands over store brands.

6. Ol' Roy Dog Food: Contains lower-quality ingredients that may not suit all pets.

7. Equate Allergy Medication: May be less effective than name-brand alternatives.

8. Athletic Works Shoes: Limited durability and support for active wearers.

9. Onn Electronics: Often lacks advanced features and durability found in other brands.

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