9 of the Aldi German Christmas Treats to Try This Holiday Season

1. Lebkuchen Cookies: Authentic German spiced delights.

2. Stollen: Rich fruit and nut-filled holiday bread.

3. Marzipan Stollen Bites: Mini indulgence with almond sweetness.

4. Spekulatius Cookies: Spiced, crunchy biscuits with festive shapes.

5. Glühwein: Warm up with traditional mulled wine.

6. Aldi's Advent Calendars: Count down with German chocolate.

7. Dresdner Stollen: Premium, handcrafted fruit-filled pastry.

8. German Chocolate Bars: Rich, high-quality cocoa delights.

9. Zimtsterne: Cinnamon star-shaped cookies for a sweet treat.

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