9 New Products at Costco This Month

1. Organic Avocado Ranch Dressing: A creamy, flavorful dressing made with organic ingredients.

2. Smart Home Security Camera: An advanced security camera system for monitoring your home.

3. Gourmet Cheese Assortment: A delightful selection of premium cheeses for cheese lovers.

4. Fitness Tracker Watch: A wearable device to help you track your fitness goals.

5. Artisan Bread Sampler: A variety pack of freshly baked artisanal bread.

6. Outdoor Patio Heater: A heating solution for extending outdoor gatherings into the cooler months.

7. Premium Dog Food: Nutrient-rich dog food formulated for your pet's well-being.

8. Designer Sunglasses: Stylish sunglasses for eye protection and fashion statement.

9. Fall Decor Collection: Seasonal home decor items to add a touch of autumn to your space.

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