9 New Aldi Holiday Food Finds Under $10 To Get You in the Festive Spirit

1. Mini Quiche Assortment: Easy appetizers, $3.99, a crowd-pleaser without the fuss.

2. Christmas Tree-Shaped Ravioli: Fun and festive dinner, $2.49 a pack.

3. Specially Selected Truffle Mac & Cheese: Luxurious indulgence, $1.99 per box.

4. Holiday Cheese Assortment: Gourmet selection at $3.99, a party favorite.

5. Sparkling Cranberry Lemonade: Refreshing and festive, $2.49 for a bubbly delight.

6. Chocolate Covered Pretzels: Sweet and salty joy at $2.79, ideal for snacking.

7. Peppermint Ice Cream: Cool off with a holiday twist, just $2.49 per pint.

8. Gingerbread Cookie Dough: $1.99 for easy, tasty treats - bake and decorate!

9. Festive Stollen Loaf: Aldi's rich, fruity bread, $5.99, perfect for holiday mornings.

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