9 Most Overrated Trader Joe's Items, According To Employees

1. Cookie Butter: Hyped but try other unique spreads.

2. Cauliflower Gnocchi: Overrated, explore diverse pasta alternatives.

3. Mango Joe-Joe's: Sweet, but diverse cookie options available.

4. Quinoa Cowboy Veggie Burgers: Explore tastier veggie burger alternatives.

5. Everything But The Bagel Seasoning: Popular, but try different seasonings.

6. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups: Delicious, but many chocolate options available.

7. Cauliflower Pizza Crust: Overrated; consider trying different pizza crusts.

8. Pumpkin Spice Products: Seasonal favorites, but diversify your fall flavors.

9. Trader Joe's Sparkling Waters: Enjoy, but explore other beverage options.

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