9 Free Perks of a Costco Membership — Are You Taking Advantage?

1. Discounted vacations: Save on cruises, resorts, and trips through Costco Travel.

2. Free grocery delivery:  Get free delivery on qualifying online orders.

3. Car rentals with free second driver: Save on car rentals and avoid extra fees.

4. Discounted auto buying program:  Find deals on new and used cars.

5. Member-only insurance options: Explore various insurance options at Costco.

6. Tech support on electronics: Get free tech support on electronics purchased at Costco.

7. Free samples: Enjoy free food samples while you shop in-store.

8. Discounted gift cards: Save money on gift cards for restaurants, entertainment, and more.

9. Member-only events: Access exclusive events and discounts on various products and services.

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