9 Costco Items Garnering Thousands of Customer Complaints

1. Rotisserie Chicken

A purchaser on Reddit commented that the rotisserie chicken sold at Costco for $4.99 had a "distinct chemical flavour," which lately caused other customers to express worry.

2. Kevin's Korean BBQ Style Beef

Quite a few users on Reddit have expressed their discontent with this conflict that only needs to be heated up.

3. Produce

Avocados sold at Costco are just one of many fruits that have left customers feeling underwhelmed.

4. Gallon Milk Jugs

Customers haven't been hesitant in voicing their concerns about the gallon-sized milk jugs sold at Costco over the course of the past several years. Yet, the problem is not with the milk itself; rather, it is with the packaging of the product.

5. Realgood's Chicken Grande Enchiladas 

In a manner similar to that of the milk jugs, Real Good's Chicken Grande Enchiladas With Tomatillo Sauce have been the subject of many discussions on Reddit.

6. Kirkland Organic Hard-Boiled Eggs

A post by the user u/simpleout on Reddit that was critical of Kirkland Signature's Organic Hard-Boiled Eggs garnered more than 400 positive upvotes in the fall of 2017.

7. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

On Reddit, the tubs of My Mochi Ice Cream sold at Costco generated a contentious discussion that attracted more than 200 comments.

8. Chicken Bake

It is really just a fancy baguette that has a slender tube of salted cheese stuffed inside of it.

9. Sushi

The freshly cooked sushi sold at Costco has been the subject of debate since since it was first introduced.

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