9 Best Items to Buy at Costco Now To Prepare for Summer

1. Grilling essentials: Stock up on BBQ tools & marinades for summer cookouts.

2. Frozen fruits: Perfect for refreshing smoothies & desserts in the heat.

3. Sunscreen: Protect your skin with SPF-packed products for sunny days.

4. Beach towels: Get durable towels for poolside lounging and beach trips.

5. Outdoor furniture: Upgrade your patio with comfy seating for summer gatherings.

6. Coolers: Keep drinks and snacks chilled for picnics and road trips.

7. Water bottles: Stay hydrated with reusable bottles for outdoor activities.

8. Swimwear: Find stylish swimsuits for pool parties and beach days.

9. Ice cream: Indulge in creamy treats for a cool dessert on warm evenings.

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