8 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Be Buying from Costco

1. Costco caution: Avoid bulk buying of perishable items like fruits and veggies, as they may go bad quickly.

2. Exception to the rule: Costco's popular rotisserie chicken is recommended for its value and versatility.

3. Bread and baked goods: McGrath advises against bulk purchasing unless you can consume them before expiration.

4. Flour pitfalls: While a 25-pound bag seems like a deal, flour can go bad within a year, leading to waste.

5. Spice savings: Costco offers significant discounts on spices, but their large quantities may exceed typical usage timelines.

6. Cooking oil concerns: Bulk packs of cooking oil may go rancid as they have a shorter shelf life, around four months.

7. Over-the-counter meds: Be cautious when buying medications in bulk, as you may not use them all before expiration.

8. Soda strategy: Contrary to expectations, bulk soda buying at Costco might not be the best deal; watch for sales at supermarkets.

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