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8 New Items To Check Out at Dollar General in April

Flame Glo Disposable Grill Topper

The Flame Glo Disposable Grill Topper is Dollar General's newest grilling accessory.

Round Pail/Shovel Sand Toy Set

Make certain to purchase a Round Pail/Shovel Sand Play Set from Dollar General in the hues your kids prefer.

Cryopak Chill Lunch Size Hard Icepak

Cryopak Chill Lunch Size Hard Icepaks are on sale at Dollar General in April for just one cent each.

Two Tone TerraCotta Succulent

Succulents in variously coloured terra cotta planters are available at Dollar General.

True Living Glass Torch Mason Jar

Real Living Glass Torch Mason Jars from Dollar General properly transport candles so you never have to worry about wax spills.

Raid Ant & Roach Killer

Pick up a can of Raid Ant & Roach Killer from Dollar General, which is now finished with a fragrant outdoor smell.

True Living Quad Chair

Pull up your True Living Quad Chair in your preferred colour and relax knowing you got a fantastic deal at Dollar General.

Igloo 12-Quart Quantum Cooler

With an Igloo 12-Quart Quantum Cooler, which will be offered at Dollar General in April, make sure you pack plenty for the family and a few friends.

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