8 Items at Dollar Tree that Cost Way More at Walmart

1. Party Supplies: Balloons, decorations, and party favors are often cheaper at Dollar Tree compared to Walmart.

2. Cleaning Supplies: Basic cleaning products like sponges, scrub brushes, and some detergents are a better deal at Dollar Tree.

3. Greeting Cards: You can find a variety of greeting cards for just $1 each at Dollar Tree, while they cost more at Walmart.

4. Kitchen Utensils: Basic kitchen tools like measuring cups, spatulas, and can openers are budget-friendly at Dollar Tree.

5. Seasonal Decorations: Holiday-themed decorations and ornaments are a steal at Dollar Tree.

6. Candy and Snacks: Dollar Tree often offers a wide selection of snacks and candies at lower prices compared to Walmart.

7. School Supplies: Notebooks, pens, pencils, and other school essentials are a bargain at Dollar Tree.

8. Pregnancy Tests: Dollar Tree sells pregnancy tests for just $1, while they can be significantly more expensive at Walmart and other retailers

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