Health secrets of the 96-year-old monarch’s long life

Regular holidays

The Queen departs for Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire every summer for a few weeks of vacation.

Lots of fresh air

On the 50,000-acre Balmoral Estate, summers are also filled with time spent outside.

Caring for her dogs

The Queen has owned more than 30 throughout her life, with corgis, cocker spaniels, and dorgis being the most well-known breed.

Horse riding

Her Majesty rode until she was 95 years old, and it is believed that she was unhappy to have to put her riding boots away permanently.

Top notch medical care

It's important to note that while the Queen's lifestyle has undoubtedly contributed to her continued physical fitness.

A strong marriage

The Queen and Prince Philip were wed for 73 years, and studies have demonstrated the importance of having a supportive spouse.

A simple diet

According to Darren McGrady's account in The Independent, she prefers straightforward main dishes like grilled fish and eats four small meals a day.

Enjoying treats in moderation

When McGrady worked at the Palace, Friday was fish and chips day, and Her Majesty has a serious sweet tooth.

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