8 Costco Sale Items To Buy Before They Sell Out This March

1. Shield pets from fleas and ticks with $18 off Frontline Plus at Costco.

2. Improve air quality with a $30 off air purifier, now $99.99 at Costco.

3. Save on corned beef—$5.49 per pound at Costco, $3 less than other stores.

4. Costco's March sale: Swiffer Dusters with 17 refills, $4 off online.

5. Combat allergies with $8 off 115 Claritin Tablets in Costco's March coupon book.

6. Costco sale on soothing Kleenex Tissue at $19.99, $5 off the original price.

7. Spring cleaning made easy—nearly 30% off Windex Glass Cleaner at $10.69.

8. Brighten your smile with $12 off Crest 3D Whitestrips, now $36 at Costco.

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