Warren Buffett Stocks to Buy and Hold for the Next Decade

Intelligent investing is exemplified by Warren Bufffett's approach, which has repeatedly been shown to be effective.


Coke's business is back above its levels from 2019, which suggests that it will probably continue to grow for the ensuing ten years.


The majority of indications point to Apple performing admirably over the next ten years.

American Express

American Express has both short- and long-term value because it serves a more affluent clientele.


One of several factors to take Kroger into account in the long run is a forthcoming prospective merger.

McKesson Corp.

McKesson, a little-known company that offers supply chain management services for the pharmaceutical industry, recently increased its dividend by 15%.


DaVita offers kidney disease treatments, and it is anticipated that as obesity rates in the US reach new highs, demand for the condition will rise.


Despite the significant increase in the use of green energy, CVX is still worthwhile.

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