7 React Native Open-Source Projects to Become a Better Mobile App Developer

The expo-file-manager

The phone's normal file manager cannot access the files that the app controls because they are buried within the app's folder.


You may stream music from a variety of sources, including local and cloud storage.

The react-native-news-app

This software gives you quick summaries of breaking news items customised by your interests and preferred countries.


This app offers a tonne of functions, including the ability to Search movies and TV series, Discover TV and movies, watch related videos, view movie-related photos, etc.


The most recent wallpapers published by platform users are obtained via this simple-to-use Android wallpaper manager by leveraging the Reddit API.


This programme teaches you how to use TypeScript, React Native Reanimated, React-Redux, Styled Components, and other technologies.


This is a smartphone app for money conversion and international exchange rates. This software allows you to view historical foreign exchange rates.

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