7 Perks of a Costco Membership You Didn't Know About

From discounted travel to cheaper groceries, here are seven surprising benefits of being a Costco member that you probably didn’t know about.

Travel perks

Costco has a travel website called Costco Travel, which offers significant discounts on travel expenses such as flights, rental cars, and hotels. 

Discounted gift cards

Costco has partnerships with several gift card vendors, which allows them to offer discounted gift cards to their members. 

Prescription drug savings

Costco has a pharmacy that offers the best prices on prescription drugs, and you don’t even need to have health insurance to benefit from them.

Tire and auto services

Costco offers a range of tire brands at discounted prices, and they also offer installation services.

Photo printing and other services

Costco offers a range of services beyond groceries, including photo printing, optical, and hearing services. 

Discounted gas prices

Costco has gas stations located at most of their warehouses, and they consistently offer some of the lowest gas prices in the area.

Cheaper groceries

One of the primary benefits of a Costco membership is access to their relatively low-priced groceries. 

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