7 New AI Apps That Will TRANSFORM Your Life

Every day, a large number of new AI tools are released. But here is a list of my top 7 artificial intelligence technologies that will wow you!

Rewind AI

This covers what you hear, see, and speak. They refer to Rewind as the "search engine for your life" because it makes everything searchable.


Academic papers and articles can be downloaded from the Internet and uploaded. Genie will then analyse them and extract the keywords and section summaries.


Speaking of research, Elicit is another another excellent resource for scholars, students, and anybody else with a piqued interest in a subject.


Runway provides a variety of artistic capabilities, such as the ability to color-grade videos using only words, remove objects and people from videos, and remove backgrounds from videos.


The most tranquil and comforting note-taking app. In essence, its AI examines all of your notes and offers your ideas together with pertinent ones.

My Heritage

However, I believe that many people also use it to animated images, particularly ancient photos of their loved ones or ancestors.

Personal AI

You can make your own AI with the app personal AI. When you initially start utilising it, it's like getting a baby AI that knows nothing. So you give it the knowledge you want it to have.

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