7 Luxury Items That Are Cheaper at Costco

1. Designer Watches: Costco offers discounted prices on high-end timepieces from luxury brands.

2.  Fine Jewelry: You can find a wide selection of fine jewelry, including engagement rings and gemstone pieces, at Costco.

3. High-End Wine and Champagne: Costco's wine and champagne selection includes prestigious brands and vintages

4. Designer Sunglasses: Costco offers a range of designer sunglasses at competitive prices.

5. Luxury Handbags: You can find luxury handbags from renowned designers at Costco.

6. Premium Electronics: Costco frequently discounts premium electronics like laptops, cameras, and televisions.

7. Gourmet Food and Truffles: Costco's gourmet food section often includes rare and high-end items.

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