7 Costco items you may be better off buying elsewhere

Toilet Paper

Although Costco's Kirkland brand toilet paper is known for its quality and value, it may not be the cheapest option. You can often find better deals on toilet paper at other stores, particularly during sales or with coupons.

Laundry Detergent

While Costco's Kirkland brand laundry detergent is affordable and effective, other stores may offer better prices or promotions on name-brand detergents.


Costco offers a variety of electronics, including TVs, computers, and cameras, but they may not always have the best prices. 


While Costco offers a wide selection of fresh produce, the quantities are often too large for individuals or small families to consume before they spoil. 


Costco's clothing selection is limited, and the quality may not always be the best. You may be better off shopping at department stores or online retailers for better options.


While Costco offers a selection of bestsellers and popular titles, they may not always have the best prices on books. 

Prescription Drugs

While Costco's pharmacy offers competitive prices on prescription drugs, other stores may offer better deals, particularly if you have insurance. 

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