7 Brand-New Items at Walmart That Cost Way Less Than at Dollar Tree

Walmart sells 64-cent 1.25-ounce green plastic Easter grass. Dollar Tree sells $1.25 Easter grass packets.

Plastic Easter Grass

You may think $1.25 is the lowest Easter basket price. Walmart sells a $1.24 little round bamboo Easter basket.

Small Easter Basket

Green Giant 15-ounce cans of mixed vegetables cost $1.25 at Dollar Tree.

Canned Vegetables

Dollar Tree sells $1.25 mesh shower pouffes. Walmart sells two pouffes for 97 cents.

Shower Poufs

Spray bottles store cleaning goods, keep cats off countertops and spritz plants. Dollar Tree sells $1.25 spring-colored 10 oz. plastic spray bottles.

Spray Bottles

Walmart sells 60-count aspirin for 98 cents. 40-count 81 mg packages cost $1.25. Dollar Tree ValuHealth aspirin.


Dollar Tree sells 7.5-ounce Softsoap aloe vera liquid hand soap for $1.25. Walmart sells the identical name-brand product for $1.24 or Equate for 88 cents.

Liquid Hand Soap with Aloe Vera

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