8 best ways to save at the grocery store for Thanksgiving

Make a list and stick to it

This is the first thing you need to do if you want to sabe at the grocery store for thankxgiving.

Loyalty programs

Join loyalty programmes at stores that offer benefits that are simple to redeem, such as Target Circle Rewards, which gives you 1% of your total with each purchase to use at Target in the future.

Apps are the way to go

Utilize apps like Basket, which enable users to browse local shops and compare the costs of common items.

Pay attention to weight

To avoid falling into a marketing ploy and paying more than you intended to, look at the price per ounce.

Plan for the guests you have

If you have a smaller guest list, it will save you significantly on food that you potentially won’t be eating.

Save money on dairy products and eggs by freezing them

Go generic 

Generic-labeled packaged, canned, or frozen foods will always be less expensive than name-brand products.

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