7 Best Home Items To Buy at Dollar Tree in April

Cleaning Supplies

Make the windows, furniture and kitchen sink gleam right away. Also, make the bathrooms glitter.

Yard Sale Supplies

If you want to make the letters pop out, you can purchase stencils from Dollar Tree in addition to white poster boards for 50 cents or neon-colored ones for $1.25.


If your area is still in the height of planting season, your neighbourhood Dollar Tree usually has a selection of flower, fruit, and vegetable seeds available in four-packs for $1 each.

Garden Supplies

You'll need supplies whether you cultivate flowers in a large yard or in pots on the patio of your flat.


Get a vase from Dollar Tree and fill it with flowers you may have grown yourself, or use the enormous assortment of artificial flowers the store carries to make an arrangement.

Summer Decor

With its nautically themed dishes, the store's Shore Life line, which comes in light blue and white hues, brings sand and surf into your house.

Summer Toys

It makes no sense to spend a lot of money on pool or summer equipment that might get severely damaged.

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