5 Things That Are Surprisingly Cheaper at Dollar Tree Than at Costco

Dollar Tree: Dollar Tree is a retail store where most items are priced at just one dollar.

Costco: Costco is a membership-based warehouse club store that sells a wide range of products in bulk quantities.

1. Greeting Cards: You can find affordable greeting cards at Dollar Tree that cost much less than those at Costco.

2. Party Supplies: Dollar Tree offers a wide selection of party supplies, including balloons and decorations, at lower prices compared to Costco.

3. Cleaning Supplies: Basic cleaning products like sponges and scrub brushes are often cheaper at Dollar Tree.

4. Seasonal Decorations: Seasonal decor items like Halloween or Christmas decorations can be more budget-friendly at Dollar Tree.

5. Kitchen Utensils: Many kitchen utensils and gadgets are available at lower prices at Dollar Tree than at Costco.

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