4 of the Least Healthy Food Items You'll Find at Costco

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Regardless of how frequently you shop at Costco, you might really value the savings your membership entitles you to.

And the best part about Costco is that it has a huge selection of groceries at incredibly low prices.

You can rely on Costco. If you need to prepare meals for a larger household, you can also buy lean meats and seafood in quantity.

Although Costco does carry a variety of healthful items, some of its selections are everything but. 

Yakisoba vegetable bowls

There are 10 grammes of fat in each dish. The worst aspect, though, is not that. Additionally, a single bowl has a staggering 1,160 mg of sodium in it.

Kirkland Signature Butter Croissants

However, those croissants actually include 300 calories each and 17 grammes of fat (22% of the daily recommended intake).

Any bulk bag of chips

Costco offers a huge bag of Chex Mix that contains 39 servings. Each serving has 10% of the daily recommended intake of salt, 130 calories, and 3.5 grammes of fat.

The $1.50 hot dog and soda combo

For years, Costco has kept the price of its hot dog and Coke combo at a reasonable $1.50, and it has promised to do so indefinitely.

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