15 Things Trader Joe's Should Really Start Selling Already

1. Plant-Based Meat Alternatives - Keeping up with dietary trends..

2. Gluten-Free Bakery Items - Catering to diverse dietary needs.

Organic Produce Selection - Meeting the demand for healthier options.

4. Vegan Cheese Options - Expanding plant-based offerings.

5. Ready-to-Eat Meal Kits - Convenient solutions for busy customers.

6. Specialty Coffee Blends - Appealing to coffee enthusiasts.

7. Fresh Juice Bar - Offering nutritious beverages on the go.

8. International Cuisine Ingredients - Enhancing culinary diversity.

9. Eco-Friendly Household Products - Supporting sustainability.

10. Artisan Bread Selection - Providing high-quality bakery options.

11. Dairy-Free Ice Creams - Meeting the needs of lactose-intolerant customers.

12. Ethnic Spices and Seasonings - Enhancing flavor profiles.

13. Non-Alcoholic Beverages - Expanding non-alcoholic drink options.

14. Low-Sodium and No-Sugar-Added Products - Catering to health-conscious consumers.

15. Plant-Based Protein Bars - Appealing to the growing demand for plant-based snacks.

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