15 New Trader Joe’s Items Customers Are Raving About Right Now

1. Everything But the Bagel Greek-Style Yogurt Dip: Tangy yogurt dip with savory seasoning.

2. Ube Purple Yam Flavored Ice Cream:  Creamy dessert with a unique purple yam flavor.

3. Organic Wildberry Smoothie Bowl: Acai-based bowl with mixed organic berries.

4. Spicy Cheese Crunchies:  Fiery cheese-flavored snack with a satisfying crunch.

5. Vegan Jackfruit Cakes: Plant-based patties made from jackfruit.

6. Lemon Rosemary Marinated Chicken: Tender chicken infused with citrus and herbs.

7. Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups: Indulgent cups filled with almond butter.

8. Cinnamon Croissant Loaf: Flaky croissant bread with a hint of cinnamon.

9. Sweet Sriracha Uncured Bacon Jerky: Sweet and spicy bacon strips for snacking.

10. Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese: Creamy macaroni with butternut squash sauce.

11. Broccoli & Kale Slaw Kit: Fresh salad kit featuring broccoli and kale.

12. Honey Aleppo Sauce: Sweet and tangy sauce with a hint of spice.

13. Everything But the Bagel Nut Duo: Nut blend seasoned with classic bagel flavors.

14. Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Coins: Petite chocolates with a refreshing mint twist.

15. Blueberry Lavender Almond Beverage: Nutty beverage with fruity and floral notes.

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