14 Things You Shouldn’t Buy in Home-Improvement Stores

1. Paintbrushes: Often overpriced compared to hardware or art supply stores.

2. Light Bulbs: Higher prices; try discount or online retailers.

3. Cleaning Supplies: Marked up; buy in bulk or at discount stores.

4. Power Tools: Better deals at specialty tool outlets or online.

5. Gardening Tools: Shop at garden centers or online for better prices.

6. Faucets: Prices inflated; check plumbing supply stores or online.

7. Nails and Screws: Overpriced; bulk options elsewhere.

8. Lumber: Seek lumber yards for better quality and prices.

9. Flooring: Explore wholesale or discount flooring stores.

10. Electrical Supplies: Cheaper at wholesale or online retailers.

11. Cabinets: Look for deals at kitchen and bath outlets.

12. Appliances: Compare prices at appliance outlets or online.

13. Decorative Items: Often pricier; consider thrift stores or online.

14. Furniture: Better deals at furniture outlets or online retailers.

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