14 Best Costco Deals You Can Score in May

1. Grilling Essentials: Prep for BBQ season with discounted supplies.

2. Outdoor Furniture: Upgrade your patio at a fraction of the cost.

3. Electronics: Score deals on TVs, laptops, and more.

4. Summer Apparel: Find stylish clothes for warm weather.

5. Grocery Staples: Stock up on pantry essentials for less.

6. Personal Care Products: Save on skincare, toiletries, and more.

7. Home Improvement Tools: DIY projects made affordable.

8. Appliances: Upgrade your kitchen without overspending.

9. Health & Wellness Products: Stay fit with discounted gear.

10. Travel Accessories: Plan your next trip with budget-friendly items.

11. Outdoor Adventure Gear: Embrace the great outdoors for less.

12. Office Supplies: Stock up your home office without breaking the bank.

13. Gourmet Food Items: Treat yourself to luxury foods at discounted prices.

14. Cleaning Supplies: Keep your home sparkling without spending a fortune.

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