13 Unhealthiest Costco Bakery Foods

1. Chocolate Muffins: High in sugar and calories.

2. Croissants: Loaded with butter and carbs.

3. Cinnamon Rolls: Sugary treats with excess calories.

4. Danish Pastries: Sweet, buttery, and calorie-rich..

5. Apple Pie: High sugar and calorie content.

6. Chocolate Cake: Rich in sugar and fats.

7. Cheesecake: Creamy and calorie-dense dessert.

8. Eclairs: Sugary pastry filled with cream.

9. Fudge Brownies: Rich in sugar and fats.

10. Doughnuts: High-calorie fried treats.

11. Cheese Danishes: Sweet and calorie-packed pastries.

12. Chocolate Chip Cookies: Loaded with sugar and fats.

13. Almond Bear Claw: Sweet and high-calorie pastry.

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