13 Costco Favorites You Should Always Add to Your Cart

1. Kirkland Signature: Quality, affordable, wide range of products.

2. Rotisserie Chicken: Delicious, convenient, great value.

3. Organic Eggs: Fresh, high-quality, great for cooking.

4. Kirkland Almond Butter: Creamy, natural, nutritious.

5. Avocados: Fresh, ripe, perfect for salads and guac.

6. Kirkland Bacon: Thick-cut, flavorful, ideal for breakfast.

7. Kirkland Olive Oil: Extra virgin, versatile, excellent for cooking.

8. Frozen Berries: Convenient, ideal for smoothies and desserts.

9. Kirkland Greek Yogurt: Creamy, protein-packed, various flavors.

10. Kirkland Frozen Wild Salmon: High-quality, easy to prepare.

11. LaCroix Sparkling Water: Refreshing, variety of flavors.

12. Kirkland Trail Mix: Nutritious, satisfying, great for snacks.

13. Kirkland Signature Wine: Quality wines, affordable prices.

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