13 Costco Cake Tips to Know Before You Order the Dessert

1. Order in advance: Ensure your cake is ready when you need it.

2. Size matters:  Choose the right size cake for your event.

3. Customize flavors: Explore various cake and frosting combinations.

4. Personalize decorations:  Add a special touch with custom designs.

5. Check for discounts: Look for promotions to save money.

6. Consider dietary restrictions: Opt for options suitable for all guests.

7. Plan for transportation: Ensure safe delivery or pick-up arrangements.

8. Store properly: Keep the cake fresh until serving time.

9. Serve with care: Handle the cake delicately to maintain its appearance.

10. Utilize Costco membership: Enjoy perks and benefits.

11. Review customer feedback: Learn from others' experiences.

12. Explore alternatives: Consider other desserts if Costco cakes don't fit your needs.

13. Enjoy the savings: Costco cakes offer affordability without sacrificing taste.

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