13 Best New Items at Dollar Tree in January

1. Winter Décor: Cozy up with $1 seasonal decorations, candles, and festive accents.

2. Organization Essentials: Declutter with $1 bins, storage containers, and drawer organizers.

3. Healthy Snacks: Grab $1 nutritious snacks, from dried fruits to granola bars.

4. Cleaning Supplies: Stock up on $1 cleaning products for a sparkling home.

5. 2024 Calendars: Stay organized with $1 calendars featuring various themes.

6. DIY Craft Supplies: Fuel creativity with $1 crafting tools, beads, and paper.

7. Party Supplies: Plan budget-friendly celebrations with $1 party favors and decorations.

8. Kitchen Gadgets: Upgrade your kitchen with $1 cooking utensils and gadgets.

9. Winter Apparel: Stay warm with $1 hats, gloves, scarves, and cozy socks.

10. Beauty Finds: Discover $1 makeup, skincare, and haircare essentials.

11. Pet Care Items: Spoil your pets with $1 toys, treats, and grooming supplies.

12. Household Basics: Save on $1 essentials like batteries, lightbulbs, and tape.

13. DIY Home Décor: Personalize your space with $1 crafting materials and wall art.

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