13 Best International Foods You Can Score at Costco Right Now

1. Italian Parmigiano Reggiano: Authentic cheese for gourmet dishes.

2. Japanese Wagyu Beef: Premium marbled meat for indulgent meals.

3. French Croissants: Buttery delights perfect for breakfast.

4. Mexican Street Corn: Spicy, tangy snack for a taste of Mexico.

5. Spanish Chorizo: Flavorful sausage ideal for tapas.

6. Greek Feta Cheese: Tangy addition to salads and pastas.

7. Indian Curry Sauce: Rich, aromatic sauce for flavorful dishes.

8. Thai Jasmine Rice: Fragrant rice for authentic Asian cuisine.

9. Australian Wagyu Steak: Juicy, tender cuts for steak lovers.

10. German Bratwurst: Hearty sausages for a satisfying meal.

11. Brazilian Pão de Queijo: Chewy, cheesy bread rolls for snacks.

12. Korean Kimchi: Spicy, fermented cabbage for a probiotic boost.

13. British Scones: Classic tea-time treats for a touch of elegance.

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