13 Best Costco Appetizers To Try Right Now

1. Kirkland Signature Spanakopita - Flaky phyllo filled with spinach and feta.

2. Prime Foods Chicken & Cheese Taquitos - Crunchy bites with savory filling.

3. Cuisine Adventures Mini Quiche Variety Pack - Elegant hors d'oeuvres for any occasion.

4. Bibigo Chicken & Vegetable Steamed Dumplings - Authentic Korean flavors in every bite.

5. Don Miguel Chicken & Cheese Mini Tacos - Bite-sized Tex-Mex delights.

6. Minh Mini Chicken Egg Rolls - Crispy appetizers with a hint of Asian flair.

7. Aidells Teriyaki & Pineapple Chicken Meatballs - Sweet and savory flavor explosion.

8. Kirkland Signature Italian Style Beef Meatballs - Classic meatballs perfect for any sauce.

9. Delimex Beef Taquitos - Spicy, beef-filled appetizers with a crispy shell.

10. Bibigo Organic Chicken Potstickers - Organic dumplings bursting with flavor.

11. Kirkland Signature Stuffed Bell Peppers - Hearty appetizers filled with savory goodness.

12. Sabatasso's Pizzeria Pizza Singles - Individual pizzas loaded with toppings.

13. Cuisine Adventures Spanakopita - Authentic Greek flavors in a convenient package.

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