12 of the best things to get at Aldi this month for under $6

1. Aldi's November star: Winternacht soft gingerbread cookies from Germany.

2. Satisfy your sweet tooth with Moser Roth Grand Chocolades truffles.

3. Dive into the hot-cocoa bomb trend with Choceur's Belgian chocolate creations.

4. Discover the adorable melting snowman hot-cocoa bomb for a unique treat.

5. Simplify holiday baking with Specially Selected assorted continental cookies.

6. Embrace peppermint season with Benton's fudge-coated peppermint crèmes.

7. Enjoy the perfect sweet-and-salty combo with Clancy's drizzled kettle corn.

8. Sip on rich Shamrock Farms vanilla-spice eggnog or use it as a creamer.

9. Raise a glass with Pacific Fruit Vineyards cranberry wine.

10. Warm up your winter with Pacific Fruit Vineyards mulled wines.

11. Elevate your cheese board with Emporium Selection cranberry-white-cheddar cheese.

12. Spice up your dishes with Specially Selected infused extra-virgin olive oils.

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