12 Costco Food Court Hacks You Should Know

1. Combo upgrade: Split a pizza-soda combo for variety.

2. Secret menu: Ask for chili on your hot dog.

3. Chicken bake customization: Add extra cheese.

4. DIY dessert: Combine churro and frozen yogurt.

5. Sliced avocado on hot dog: Boost flavor and nutrition.

6. Sample strategy: Try items before committing.

7. Double-dip on condiments: Grab extras for free.

8. Mix soft drinks: Create unique flavor blends.

9. BYOT (Bring Your Own Toppings): Customize your pizza.

10. Bypass the line: Use the self-order kiosk.

11. Ice cream float: Pair soda with swirl frozen yogurt.

12. Share the monster hot dog: Satisfy hunger at a lower cost.

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