12 Best Costco Easter Items to Buy Before They Sell Out

1. Kirkland Signature Easter Candy: High-quality sweets for the holiday.

2. Easter Baskets:  Ready-made or DIY options for gifting.

3. Chocolate Easter Eggs: Classic treats for the season.

4. Easter Decorations:  Festive adornments for your home.

5. Pastel Tableware: Colorful dishes for Easter brunch.

6. Spring Flowers: Fresh blooms to brighten your celebration.

7. Easter Egg Dye Kits: Supplies for decorating eggs

8. Easter-themed Books: Storybooks for children.

9. Baking Supplies: Ingredients for Easter treats.

10. Spring Apparel: Clothing for the season.

11. Easter Toys: Gifts for children to enjoy.

12. Seasonal Desserts: Delicious treats to indulge in.

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