11 Walmart Items Frugal People Always Buy

1. Generic Medications - Cost-effective alternatives for health needs.

2. Store-Brand Pantry Staples - Quality at a lower price.

3. Bulk Rice and Beans - Economical, versatile, and filling..

4. Seasonal Produce - Fresh, local, and budget-friendly options.

5. Clearance Items - Discounts on overstocked or seasonal goods.

6. Basic Clothing - Affordable wardrobe essentials for everyday wear.

7. Cleaning Supplies in Bulk - Cost-efficient household maintenance.

8. Reusable Water Bottles - Save money while staying hydrated.

9. Frozen Fruits and Vegetables - Nutrient-rich and long-lasting options.

10. DIY Home Decor - Frugal and personalized alternatives.

11. Store-Brand Diapers - Affordable choices for baby care.

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