11 Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 From Costco


Flowers: Costco offers affordable bouquets of flowers that make for a classic and thoughtful Valentine's Day gift.

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Chocolates: You can find delicious chocolate assortments at Costco, perfect for satisfying your loved one's sweet tooth without breaking the bank.

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Wine: Costco has a selection of reasonably priced wines, allowing you to celebrate the occasion with a romantic toast.

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Jewelry: Look for elegant yet affordable jewelry options like necklaces or earrings that make for a stylish and meaningful gift.

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Scented Candles: Costco carries a variety of scented candles, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere for your special day.

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Gourmet Treats: Explore Costco's gourmet food section for tasty treats like imported cheeses, nuts, or gourmet cookies that add a touch of luxury to your celebration.

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Photo Frames: Choose a beautiful photo frame to showcase a cherished memory you've shared together.

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Personal Care Sets: Costco often sells gift sets featuring luxurious bath products or skincare items, providing a pampering experience for your loved one.

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Customizable Gifts: Some Costco locations offer personalized gifts, such as custom photo books or prints, adding a unique touch to your present.

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Plush Blankets: Cozy blankets in various colors and patterns are available at Costco, offering a practical and comforting gift for the winter season.

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Cookware Sets: If your partner enjoys cooking, consider a quality yet affordable cookware set from Costco, encouraging them to whip up delicious meals for the both of you.

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