11 Spring Seasonal Items Worth Buying at Costco Right Now

1. Gardening tools: Quality shovels, rakes, and gloves.

2. Patio furniture: Durable sets for outdoor lounging.

3. BBQ grills: High-performance options for grilling.

4. Spring clothing: Fashionable attire for warmer weather.

5. Outdoor toys: Fun for kids and families.

6. Picnic supplies: Baskets, blankets, and coolers.

7. Fresh flowers: Beautiful bouquets to brighten your home.

8. Outdoor lighting: Solar-powered or LED options.

9. Spring cleaning supplies: Bulk buys for a tidy home.

10. Seasonal decor: Easter and spring-themed decorations.

11. Outdoor cooking essentials: Grill accessories and utensils.

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