11 Popular Kirkland Spices And Seasonings At Costco, Ranked

1. Ground Black Pepper: Essential for seasoning various dishes.

2. Garlic Powder: Convenient alternative to fresh garlic.

3. Cinnamon: Versatile spice for sweet and savory recipes.

4. Sea Salt: Enhances flavor in cooking and baking.

5. Paprika: Adds color and depth to dishes.

6. Chili Powder: Perfect for adding heat to dishes.

7. Onion Powder: Adds savory flavor to dishes.

8. Italian Seasoning: Blend of herbs for Italian-inspired dishes.

9. Cumin: Earthy spice used in many cuisines.

10. Crushed Red Pepper: Adds heat and flavor to dishes.

11. Oregano: Aromatic herb essential for Mediterranean cuisine.

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