11 New Kirkland Signature Chicken Nuggets Sighted at Costco 

1. Crispy Coating - Kirkland's new nuggets boast a golden, crunchy exterior.

2. Generous Size - Larger portions, satisfying cravings in every bite.

3. Antibiotic-Free - Quality chicken without unwanted additives.

4. Kid-Friendly Shape - Fun dinosaur shapes, appealing to the young.

5. Premium White Meat - High-quality, succulent chicken for discerning palates.

6. Oven-Baked Option - Versatile cooking for a healthier alternative.

7. Value Pack - Bulk packaging, offering affordability and convenience.

8. No Artificial Preservatives - A cleaner option for health-conscious consumers.

9. Gluten-Free - Catering to dietary needs, suitable for gluten-sensitive individuals.

10. Enhanced Flavor - Seasoned to perfection, elevating the taste profile.

11. Crowd-Pleasing Snack - Ideal for parties, gatherings, and family snacking.

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