11 McDonald's Hacks That Will Save You A Few Bucks

1. Order a McDouble with Mac sauce: Budget-friendly Big Mac alternative.

2. DIY McGangBang: Combine a McChicken and McDouble.

3. Ask for a 'round egg' in breakfast sandwiches: Fresher taste.

4. Order a hash brown in a breakfast sandwich: Added crunch.

5. Get a cheaper iced coffee: Order black, add your own flavor.

6. Customize your value menu items: Create unique combos.

7. Utilize the McDonald's app for discounts: Digital coupons.

8. Order a 'grilled cheese': Simple, tasty vegetarian option.

9. Ask for fresh fries: Increase your chances of getting hot fries.

10. Try the 'Poor Man's Big Mac': McDouble with extra lettuce and Big Mac sauce.

11. Share a large meal: Split costs with a friend or family member.

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