11 Dollar Tree Crafts To Make On A Budget & Sell For Profit

1. Mason Jar Candles: Decorate jars, fill with wax, sell at markets.

2. Floral Wreaths: Dollar store flowers, wire, and ribbon for crafting.

3. Picture Frame Tray: Glue frames together, add handles, paint, sell.

4. Succulent Planters: Small pots, succulents, paint for decoration.

5. Fabric Coasters: Cut fabric squares, glue to cork, sell sets.

6. Jewelry Dish: Mold oven-bake clay, paint, varnish for gloss.

7. Tassel Garland: Yarn, twine, beads; assemble and package.

8. Wine Glass Candle Holders: Glue glass to candlestick, decorate.

9. Book Page Art: Frame pages, add embellishments, unique prints.

10. Rope Basket: Coil and glue rope, shape, sell for storage.

11. Vinyl Decal Mugs: Adhesive decals, dollar store mugs, sell.

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